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It all started way the back in 2008 (which is approximately 100 years ago in Internet years), by CEO and Founder David Siteman Garland, as a web show (way before the term podcast was popular). Sine then, The Rise To The Top has evolved to become THE one-stop shop for turning your knowledge, passion & expertise into profit.

Since 2008, we have helped over 100,000 people in over 100 countries start and/or grow their business (just check out some of our case studies & success stories).

How do we do that? Is there a magic trick?

While we do don’t pull any rabbits out of a hat, we can help you in a few key ways:

  • Through world class training (including courses, workshops & more)
  • Easy-to-use-software

We pride ourselves on providing our amazing customers with the tools, strategies & programs (as well as first class support) they need to be successful. Whether you are just starting out and looking to get going on the right food, are a seasoned pro looking for the latest and best strategies or somewhere in-between, The Rise To The Top can help you turn your knowledge, passion & expertise into profit.



We are a team of hard workers dedicated to your success (and we are pretty darn cool if we may not say so ourselves 😉

Our core team:

David Siteman Garland, CEO & Founder

David Siteman Garland is the CEO/Founder of The Rise To The Top. The Rise To The Top, which started in 2008 as a local TV show and “web show” (before the term podcast was cool) has evolved to be THE one-stop shop for turning your knowledge, passion & expertise into profit. Since 2008, The Rise To To The Top has helped over 100,000 people in over 100 countries start and/or grow their business.

DSG is the author of two books Smarter, Faster, Cheaper: Non-Boring, Fluff-Free Strategies For Marketing & Promoting Your Business (2010) and 7 Steps To Creating, Promoting & Profiting From Online Courses (2018).

He lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his way-smarter-than-him wife Marcie and children Aviva & Coby. In his spare time besides fitness and sports, he spends it playing or thinking about slow pitch softball.

Favorite thing about helping customers?
“I’m all about the success stories. I love hearing from people who have started a successful business or grown their business and what that means to them. We’ve seen everything from jobs quit to multiple seven-figure businesses grown from all types of people in all walks of life and that is what really lights me up and make me proud.”

Randy Garland, VP & Head of Finance

Randy Garland is the Vice President of The Rise To The Top. It was a dream come true for him to be able to work with and join forces with his son David starting in September of 2012 and it has been a truly amazing experience. Previously for 22 years he was Vice President of Midco Products Inc., a contract packaging and chemical manufacturing company.

He is a life-long St. Louis resident and loves spending time with his wonderful Grandchildren, Aviva and Coby. He enjoys watching sports and particularly, David, when he is competing in his sports.

Favorite thing about helping customers?

“I am all about getting extremely quick responses to customer inquiries and taking care of their needs.Speed and fairness are the key to successful customer service.
I love hearing from customers who can’t believe how incredibly fast we have responded whether it be late in the evening or weekends.”

Lindsey Deatsch, Operations Manager

Lindsey joined the Rise To The Top Team in 2016 and has served in a variety of roles before stepping into her current position as Operations Manager in 2018. Her love of lists and need for things to be color-coded and arranged alphabetically (by size), helps her keep things in order when it comes to things behind the scenes.

When not focused on helping people turn their knowledge and passion into profit at The Rise To The Top, Lindsey can be found traveling and enjoying live music with her husband Mike, playing PokemonGo with her son, Ivan, or enjoying the Oklahoma weather with her pup Gibbs.

Favorite thing about helping customers?

“When a question comes in, we work hard to get answers out quickly and thoroughly, but hearing back from customers is my favorite. Especially when you can see the wheels turning in their thought process. I love watching a customer work past an issue or helping them come up with a creative solution to get them to the next step in their journey.”

Eleanore Mann, Community Manager & Support

Eleanore joined The Rise To The Top team in 2018, and enjoys watching the community and followers of The Rise To The Top grow! She loves being able to work from coffee shops (when some human interaction is required) and from a cozy couch (in PJ’s) when the Midwest winters fall upon us. When not working to ensure that all our customers are taken care of, she is reading books, working out or making sure that her daughter, Teagan, gets to Soccer practice on time!

Favorite Thing About Helping Customers?

“I enjoy getting to answer the questions that customers have and then watching those questions turn into light bulb moments that end up with awesome success stories in my inbox! There is nothing better than watching someone grow from a simple question to a successful business!”

Plus, we bring in access to world class entrepreneurs, trainers, experts and more via our workshops & training through our far-reaching network.

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