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So, you might be thinking who the heck is this DSG guy and why is he so into online courses?

The funny thing is, this happened by complete accident.

I started my business The Rise To The Top wayyyyyy back in 2008 with a podcast and web show where I would interview successful entrepreneurs.

Picture me in 2008 with Justin Bieber hair and oversized silver tie. Sigh….

Anyway, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing (starting from complete scratch with no fans, no biz connections…and an email list with 3 subscribers…me, my mom and my dad) and spent years trying to “figure it all out.”

And I struggled for years. I was doing everything to generate revenue (coaching, consulting, etc.) but just couldn’t seem to find my thing.

Until, by total accident, I discovered the wonderful world of online courses.

I interviewed a few successful online course creators (to name a few…who have all become good friends over the years) and was immediately HOOKED.


  1. They had incredibly successful businesses generating tons of revenue (yay for revenue).
  2. They were helping people get results. At the end of the day that’s what all successful online course creators have in common: They want to help their customers get results.
  3. They had incredible freedom-based lifestyles. I interviewed many other successful entrepreneurs in other industries who were “successful” in terms of revenue…but their entire lives were about business and they had no time for anything else (one even told me he didn’t ever have time to go to the bathroom). What’s the fun in that? A business centered around online courses allows for the ultimate freedom and flexibility. YOU get to make the rules. And successful course creators come in all shapes and sizes but one thing in common: they get to live their lives and run their businesses on their terms.

Immediately I was hooked.

I wanted to be a successful course creator too.

So, like a crazy person…I obsessed.

I conducted 100’s of interviews with successful course creators, thousands of hours of research and countless conversions.

I tapped into their secrets and methods.

Took the best of what I learned and implemented, tweaked , tested and put my own spin on it.

Sort of like a mad scientist (of online courses).

Finally it was time to launch my very first online course: Create Awesome Interviews ($495) in 2011.

CAI, as the cool kids call it, was all about teaching folks how to do online interviews and was based on my 500+ interviews I did on my podcast (I built up quite the knowledge base on how to conduct and successfully market online interviews as you can imagine!),

My first course did $19,800 in revenue during the first launch and I was OVER the moon. I couldn’t believe it. I was so freaking excited as people were paying to learn from me and getting great results (creating their own interview shows).

Then over the next 12 months hit over $250,000 in revenue. And then over 1 million in less than 24 months. 

And I continued to perfect, launch more courses and learn everything I possibly could about the industry. 

Did I make plenty of mistakes along the way? You bet! It wasn’t all rainbows, fuzzy kittens and huge. BUT…

My entire business (heck life) changed as a result of creating my own online course. And trust me as much as I wish I did, I don’t have any superpower (I’m not even good with technology…I forget my WIFI password about once a week).

I went from 0-7 figures in course sales BEFORE I started teaching about online courses (very important to point that out as seems to be someone popping on the scene every day teaching online courses with little to no experience). I’ve personally done 10 million in course sales (not to brag or give a self high-five just to give some context and share what is possible).

Fast forward (and this is where things get even crazier) in 2013 I found my calling when I started teaching others how to create successful courses. 

I’d mastered the system. Now it was time to share it with others. I wanted to prove that anyone that had the right attitude, ambition, etc. could do this (and I’m not some weird unicorn).

The first version of Create Awesome Online Courses came out in 2013.

Fast forward to now….

  • 5,000+ students
  • 100 countries
  • Folks with all kinds of different backgrounds and situations (entrepreneurs, folks working traditional jobs, stay-at-home parents, stressed out coaches/freelancers/ service-providers]. Courses in all kinds of languages as well (including Hungarian!).
  • So many success stories would be impossible to list ‘em all here from baby sleep training to clarinet lessons for adults.
  • Every week we hear about someone who has now quit their job and/or created their dream business, gotten that freedom they wanted (from say 1-on-1 clients, etc).
  • And also the fulfillment and impact they get from THEIR student results!

Turns out I’m not a unicorn 🙂

With the right step-by-step training, support and your hard work a successful online course can become a reality.

It’s all about BABY STEPS and having a STEP-BY-STEP system to teach you exactly how to be successful with online courses.

Are there lots of people who can teach you this? Sure! But remember, I’m the OG. I’ve been teaching this since 2013 (and updating everything every year). I’ve seen and heard everything 10,000 times over with literally thousands of success stories. Will you be next? 

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