5 Step

RISE Formula

The road to financial independence is paved with action. Let’s hit the road to transforming your expertise into a financial windfall.

Step 1

Define Your Signature Offer

Your very first step to financial freedom is to identify the topic of your online offer.  If you don't know what you could possibly sell online, start with our Course Matchmaker Quiz.  The quiz is designed to help you choose an online course topic but you can use it to choose any business focus. 

Knowing what you want to sell is key.  Next, you must learn how to craft your message to make your offer desirable.  This is done by branding.  Our #1 recommended training on branding is Business Made Simple's "StoryBrand Framework" course.  I've included a 7-day trial below so you can watch it.  

Step 2

Create Your Sales Pathway

Turn interest into income with your own sales pathway, a 24/7 automated system that nurtures visitors into customers. Start with an irresistible lead magnet to capture leads, engage them with targeted email campaigns, and seal the deal with your unique offer.

Your pathway empowers you to transform traffic into a thriving customer base. Ready to build an automatic customer-making engine that works tirelessly for your success? Dive into our Create Awesome Online Courses for a step-by-step guide.

Step 3

Grow Your Email List to 1,000 Subscribers

An email list is more than just numbers—it's your direct link to people who trust you and want to hear from you. It's crucial because it's full of people who have said 'yes' to your content, advice, and offers. With 1,000 subscribers, you have an audience ready for new content and offers.

So, how do you reach that magic number? Start with a lead magnet—a free and valuable offer that solves a problem or answers a key question for your audience - which you'll give away in exchange for an email optin. Share this offer where your potential customers are: on social media, in videos, through guest posts, in website articles, or even on podcasts. Get started with our lead magnet ideas below.

Step 4

Master ONE Traffic Source

Step 4 is about mastering one traffic source that best suits your skills and audience. Focusing on a single platform, like SEO or LinkedIn or social media, ensures your marketing efforts aren't spread too thin. Find the channel that works for you, make it profitable and predictable, then consider diversifying.

Whether you're just getting started on your entrepreneurial journey or have already begun, our custom GPT "The Traffic Advisor" can help you choose the the traffic source for you to focus 80% of your time on. 

Step 5

Scale and Expand

Step 5 is about transforming your solo enterprise into a thriving enterprise, a task that requires a team of A-players. It's about moving beyond mere delegation.  You'll have to learn how to hire for excellence, create effective training, and keep your team aligned and focused on your strategic objectives.

As you scale, our #1 business scaling course, "Small Business Flight School" by Don Miller, is an incredible resource. The course is meticulously designed to guide you through the intricacies of team growth and business planning. With modules on Leadership, Operations, and Cash Flow, it steers a growing company towards sustained growth and financial success. 

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