The Goldmine of E-Learning: Top Profitable Online Course Niches

By Chris Huntley 

Published on  January 18, 2024

Are you looking to dive into the world of online course creation but not sure if you’ll make good money in your niche?

You’re in the perfect place!

With over 3,000 students of Create Awesome Online Courses, we’ve seen courses on everything from clarinet lessons to wedding officiating to lessons on how to draw 3D cartoons.

Our standard is simple:

You can be 99.9% sure that your course will sell if:

  • You’ve ever charged someone for your expertise in a 1-on-1 or group setting
  • If there are existing courses related to your topic
  • If people pay for other forms of instruction (like books) related to your topic

That being said, there are some niches that are more predictable when it comes to being able to charge a premium for your online course.  In this article, I’ll uncover the most profitable online course niches that are not just trending but also timeless in their appeal.

Let’s explore where the real money is!

Top Profitable Online Course Niches

The 7 Most Profitable Niches:

We’ve seen hundreds of success stories from our CAOC students, but there are seven niches that stand out as especially profitable.

#1 – Technology and Digital Skills

One of the things that will determine how much you can charge for your course is the result you’ll help your students to achieve.

Well, consider our ever-evolving digital world.  Over the past 20 years, technology and digital skills have been in  very high demand.  That means the individuals who possess these skills are more likely to get hired or earn more.

From coding and web development to digital marketing and data analytics, these courses cater to a wide range of learners looking to upskill or switch their careers.

And the opportunity here is massive…

The market for online courses in technology and digital skills is projected to reach approximately $375 billion by 2026.

If there’s one thing I know about selling courses, it’s this.  If you can help students to earn more money, you can charge a heck of a lot more for your courses.

#2 – Business and Entrepreneurship

Alright, technology and digital skills may sit in the #1 spot because of the sheer size of the market, but in terms of how much you can charge for course, I’d actually put business and entrepreneurship at #1.  I’ve personally spent between $500 to $3,000 on several courses about business and marketing.

Yeah, those are the sort of dollars you can command for a course that will help someone to grow their business.

Think about it…

If someone can take your $995 course and make a million dollars from it, that’s an absolute no brainer!  

Aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals are always on the lookout for insights and strategies to succeed. Courses covering topics like starting a business, leadership, financial management, and social media marketing are gold mines in the e-learning space.

One example here is CAOC student, Bree Noble, who created the Female Musician Academy, to help musicians make money with they music!  Great job niching down, Bree.  It’s a business course, specifically for female musicians!  

Mark Dawson also has a specific audience for his advertising course… Authors!  It’s fittingly called Ads for Authors.  Go figure.

>> Have an idea for a course and want to position it as a premium product?  We have just the thing for that. 

#3 – Health and Wellness

With a growing focus on health and wellbeing, courses in nutrition, fitness, yoga, and mental health are booming. People are constantly seeking ways to improve their lifestyle, making this niche not only profitable but also rewarding in terms of impact.

Examples include our very own Jess Mather has an awesome Rebuilding Body training for people in chronic pain.

And health coach, Chris Freytag, has been hugely successful with her Whole Body Reset.

#4 – Personal Development

Self-improvement is a journey many are willing to invest in. Courses that offer skills in time management, public speaking, personal finance, and stress management have seen a surge in popularity. They appeal to a broad audience looking to better themselves in various aspects of life.

This one is near and dear to my heart as I’ve also spent a fortune here.

Many of you will know I’ve followed my mentor in this space, Darren Hardy, for years, and my wife actually works for him.  So I can tell you that you can charge big bucks for courses here.  I believe Darren’s course on productivity is around $3,000.  Not bad.

#5 – Creative Arts and Hobbies

The joy of learning a new hobby or honing a creative skill has a special appeal. Photography, music production, painting, and writing are just a few areas where passionate learners are willing to pay for quality instruction.

We have several CAOC students doing well in the arts and hobbies niche.  The best examples would be:

  • Starla Moore who helps people create and sell items on Etsy in her Handmade Alpha Academy
  • Angela Plunkett’s course on Mastering Crochet one stitch at a time
  • Clarinet Mastery by Michelle Anderson
  • Kristina Nicole helps makers take their own product photos that attract more customers and make them more sales for their product based business with her course The Makers Method.

#6 – Language Learning

The ability to speak multiple languages is a highly coveted skill.

Online courses offering language learning, from popular languages like Spanish and Mandarin to less commonly taught languages, are a hit among learners of all ages.

You can’t charge as much for language learning, but the market is huge. 

I also highly recommend niching down here.  Like maybe even going regional like “How to learn Honduran Spanish.”

#7 – Specialist Skills and Certifications

Niche skills or certification courses in fields like cybersecurity, project management, or environmental science can command higher prices due to their specialized nature and the professional value they offer.

A huge niche with certifications is courses that help people PASS their certification exams.

If you know the popular online marketer, Pat Flynn, that’s how he got started in online business.  He had a great tutorial on passing the LEED exam for green building.Sally Weatherly, an awesome CAOC student, is another great example.  She helps you Ace the IB Physics exam.


The key to creating a profitable online course lies in identifying a niche that not only interests you but also meets a real demand. Remember, the most successful courses solve a specific problem or fulfill a specific need for their target audience.

And hey, if you’re looking for more personalized guidance on finding your perfect course topic, don’t miss out on this free Goal Setting guide, a fantastic resource for setting and achieving your course creation goals. Get your hands on this guide and start paving your way to success!

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