How I Captured 7,000+ Emails with a Free Webinar (VIDEO)

By Chris Huntley 

Published on  November 14, 2023

Hey everyone!  Today, I’d like to share a case study from a free webinar my business partner, Bart Ehrman, and I put on last year.  We promoted the live event and then turned it into a free online course.  

To date, we have gotten over 7,000 emails from it.  In the video below, I walk you through my process from the landing page to the upsell possibilities, to how we deliver the free course, to our results so far.  Enjoy!

Why Use a Free Webinar/Online Course as a Lead Magnet:

A free webinar is a terrific way not only to collect emails, but to turn your new subscribers into customers. 

Webinars tend to be longer so your subscribers get the chance to spend some time with you.  Now, you’ve got to bring some value to the webinar.  If they learn something from your content and you help them solve a problem, how much more likely will they be to buy something from you afterwards?

Webinars will be a big focus for me here on The Rise to the Top in 2024.  You should do them too!  

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Important Software I Used:

Here are the most important tools I used for the webinar and the online course.  Some of them were mentioned in the video above but not all.  Note that some of these are affiliate links.

Webinar Tools:

  • Zoom Webinar – We use this to host our live webinars.  It’s similar to Zoom meetings but the participants can only see the host and panelists and you have other advanced controls like Q&A.
  • Thrive Architect – This is the page builder I used for the landing page.  Note that you can skip this step and use ThriveCart as the landing page if you want.
  • Active Campaign – Our email service provider to promote the webinar.

Free Online Course Tools:

  • ThriveCart – We use this for the shopping cart page, the upsell, and the online course platform.
  • Vimeo – We host our videos on Vimeo which feels a bit more professional to me than using Youtube.  We use a paid plan so we can remove the Vimeo logo and get advanced settings.


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