How I Generated Over 20,000 Email Leads with ConvertBox (VIDEO)

By Chris Huntley 

Published on  November 1, 2023

Today, I want to share how ConvertBox has revolutionized the way I interact with visitors on my websites.   I’ve used it on sites such as,, and to capture over 20,000 email subscribers. 

It’s known as a lead generation opt-in tool, but there’s a lot of flexibility with the tool and I’ve found some fun and valuable uses for it.


ConvertBox is an intuitive tool primarily designed to collect email leads, but it’s so much more than that. I’ve utilized it as a powerful segmenting instrument, customizing user experiences on my websites. It’s like having a friendly concierge greeting visitors, guiding them precisely where they need to go, whether that’s a specific page or a recommended product or service.

How to Generate Leads with Convertbox

I’ve personally used the tool for:

  • Segmentation – After interacting with a welcome message, I send my visitors to the appropriate page
  • Alerts – I’ve added banners at the top of the page to alert visitors about sales or important news
  • Exit Popups – I’ve offered an email lead magnet here or just driven visitors to a related page or offer 
  • Email Capture – I show a variety of ways I’ve captured leads in the video below

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This video breaks down how I’ve used ConvertBox.

Personal Experience:

One of the features I’ve found particularly valuable is the welcome popup message. It allows me to ask visitors a few quick questions, enabling me to direct them to relevant pages or products based on their responses swiftly. It’s not just about gathering emails; it’s about enhancing the user experience and ensuring visitors find what they are looking for.

Here’s a welcome message I built for life insurance site I owned that worked like gangbusters.  I’d just ask a few questions about the amount of coverage they were interested, their age, and health, and was immediately able to recommend the best product.

There are so many benefits to adding a tool like this on your site. 

First of all, it’s a great user experience.  Secondly, it keeps the visitor on your site longer, sending positive data to Google about the value of your site – which helps with SEO!  Lastly, you can quickly and easily direct your prospects to the correct product, service, or information they need which leads to sales.

Exit Popups:

I’ve also utilized ConvertBox’s exit popups to retain visitors, either capturing their emails or redirecting them to engaging content they might have missed. It’s like having a second chance to make a first impression, ensuring that visitors leave with a valuable takeaway or reason to return.


Have you ever visited a site for the 50th time and they’re still displaying the same, tired CTA’s they showed you the first time you visited?

You can avoid this using ConvertBox’s targeting.  Rather than showing everyone the same message, you can tailor your message  to a specific audience based on their stage in your sales journey.  

You can also find some great video examples of smart targeting on ConvertBox’s homepage.

Pros & Cons:


  • Cost: One-time, lifetime payment of $495
  • User-friendly: Setting up and customizing ConvertBox is super easy
  • Versatility: Beyond just collecting emails, it serves as a multifunctional tool for enhancing user engagement and experience
  • Customization: Tailor your messages, ensuring that your interaction with visitors is as relevant and engaging as possible


  • Limited design options: While functional and user-friendly, the design options are somewhat limited compared to some other tools out there
  • No Free Trial: A barrier for those who prefer to try before they buy

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Comparison with Alternatives:

Compared to other products, ConvertBox stands out due to its simplicity and effectiveness. While some tools offer more design options, they often come with a steeper monthly price tag.

For example, OptinMonster’s Growth Plan costs $99 per month.  

I’ve been an OptinMonster customer before and found their product to be a bit more robust.  For example, they have a really sweet Coupon Wheel which allows visitors to spin the wheel to see what they win.  The training videos and template library it offers are a bit more robust as well.

But frankly, I find that ConvertBox offers pretty much all of the same options (Lightbox popups, floating bars/alerts, scroll boxes/welcome messages, exit intent popups, and A/B testing) along with plenty of beautiful, high-converting templates, so I’d say for 90% of marketers, it’s the way to go.


ConvertBox has been instrumental in optimizing my websites for visitor engagement and lead capture. It’s more than just a email capture tool; it’s a strategic ally in achieving marketing objectives, ensuring that visitors’ experiences on your site are as engaging and rewarding.


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