The Course Creator’s

10-Minute Goal Setting Worksheet

Your Quick-Start Guide to Creating a Profitable Online Course

How It Works

Whether you're seeking a side hustle or a significant revenue stream, it all starts with a solid plan. This '10-Minute Goal Setting Worksheet' is your first step towards financial success in the world of online courses.


No overwhelming details. Just a straightforward guide to get you started towards a passive income.


Tailored to help you identify and capitalize on lucrative opportunities to pave the way for financial success.


Maximize your planning efficiency, setting you up for a quicker launch and faster income generation.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

- Walt Disney -

End Procrastination & Achieve Your Income Dreams

Have you been dreaming of generating extra income through your own online course, but keep putting it off? You're not alone. Procrastination is a common hurdle, but it's one you can easily overcome with the right tools and mindset.

'The Course Creator’s 10-Minute Goal Setting Worksheet is your catalyst for action. This isn't just another planner; it's a targeted strategy to take you from dreaming to doing in just 10 minutes.

  • Overcome Inertia: Break through the barriers of procrastination with a focused and manageable approach to planning your course.
  • Transform Your Ideas into Income: Use the worksheet to structure your thoughts and create a clear path to monetize your expertise.
  • Fast-Track Your Success: Don't let another day go by without making progress. In the time it takes to have a coffee, you can lay the foundation for a profitable online course.

This is your moment. The life you want, the additional income you seek, and the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge are all within reach. With The Course Creator’s 10-Minute Goal Setting Worksheet, you're taking a significant step towards turning your passion into profit.

Download the worksheet now and start building the future you deserve.

Start with Confidence...

Turn 10 Minutes into Your First Big Win

Easy, straightforward, and incredibly effective. Experience the satisfaction of taking that first big step. Get your free worksheet and begin shaping your profitable online course today!