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The Ultimate, Complete Course Bundle Includes:
  • 6 Core Modules with 47 Video Lessons
    Your self-paced blueprint for success in online course creation, marketing, and sales.
  • Essential Guides
    The Ultimate Course Planner, The Perfect Name Cheat Guide, The Tech Guide of Awesome, etc.
  • VIP Launch Cheat Sheets
    Video Series Launch, Challenge Launch, Webinar Launch, etc
  • Ultimate Swipe Files & More
    The 6-Figure Copy Swipe File, How to Create a High-Converting Sales Video, The Excuse Launch Sample Email, etc
  • Exclusive Community Access
    A private group for ongoing support and networking.
  • PLUS! 6 Exclusive Re-Launch Bonuses
    Additional, full video tutorials valued at over $1,500.
  • Lifetime Access
    No added fees or recurring subscriptions.

Special Pricing - 2024 ACCELERATOR


A World of Possibilities:
Industries & Topics Tailored by You

The beauty of Create Awesome Online Courses lies in its universal applicability. Whether you're an expert in digital marketing, a yoga instructor with a unique approach, or a culinary wizard eager to share your recipes, this course is the chisel to sculpt your knowledge into a digital masterpiece.

Health & Wellness

From fitness routines to mental health seminars, turn your dedication to well-being into courses that heal and inspire.

Arts & Creativity

Offer a window into your studio, sharing techniques on painting, writing, music production, or photography.

Crafts & DIY

Turn hobbyists into artisans with courses on everything from woodworking and sewing to home brewing.

Personal Development

Guide others on their journey of growth, be it through life coaching, time management skills, or personal branding.

Business & Marketing

Teach entrepreneurs to thrive with your strategies on leadership, social media savviness, or financial acumen.

Education & eLearning

Help educators create compelling curriculums or guide students through tough subjects with ease.


 Lock in your niche with precision-guided tactics that eliminate guesswork and set you up as the go-to expert.


 Master the craft of delivering value that turns viewers into followers and followers into customers.


 Overcome the time crunch and production road blocks with strategies that make every second count.

Your Knowledge is Valuable

Feeling overwhelmed or questioning your expertise is a common hurdle many creators face before they find success. It's called imposter syndrome, and it's a sign that you care deeply about the quality and value you bring to your audience.

Here's what you should know...

You Are Not Alone: Even the most successful creators started somewhere and faced doubts. You're in good company, and it's a normal part of the journey.

Your Unique Perspective Is In Demand: There is a market that needs exactly what you know and how you understand it. Your experience, no matter how niche, has someone out there wishing to learn from it.

Step-by-Step Guidance: Our course is designed to walk you through each stage of creating and selling your online content, ensuring you're supported every step of the way. You won't be doing this alone.

A Community That Cares: Join a group of peers who are on the same path and understand your challenges. Their support can be a powerful antidote to imposter syndrome.

Growth Through Action: Every piece of content you create is a step forward. With each lesson and each piece of feedback, your confidence will grow.

You Are Qualified: If you have knowledge that can help others, you are already ahead. This course will simply amplify your ability to share and monetize that knowledge.

Remember, imposter syndrome feeds on silence and isolation. By stepping into the light and taking action, you're already diminishing its power. You've got this, and we've got you.

Who Is This Course For?


You're just getting started and want to embark on your course creation journey with proven, foundational guidance and support.


You have an existing course but it's time to re-energize your content and overcome creative hurdles with fresh strategies.


You've made it! But perhaps you're stalled and need to expand your reach and magnify your impact with advanced scaling techniques.

What Will I Learn?

This full online, self-paced course is six (6) complete step-by-step training modules (+ bonuses!) to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to create, launch and profit from your online course & create your dream business. No ambiguity or confusion.

MODULE #1: The Foundation

Step #1: First Things First: The Foundation
Who you are and who you want to attract, Narrowing down your topic/expertise, 3 Steps To Coming Up With A Course That Sells, Understanding Your Perfect Customer & Perfect Audience (exactly who you want to attract) 

Step #2: Outlining Your Course Using The Perfect
Outline Formula (turning your expertise into a step-by-step methodology), Turning your expertise into a step-by-step methodology, Why outline first? Generate momentum, Make it “Real” baseline for everything else (sales page, free content, etc.)  

Step #3: Naming Your Course & The Hook
The step-by-step formula to name your course + your positioning, promise and tagline, Turning your methodology into a name and the “Perfect Name Guide”, Hook is the sexy promise/positioning

Step #4: Pricing Your Course To Be Freakin’ Irresistible
Developing the perfect price for your course, Includes pricing strategies from successful course alumni  

MODULE #2: 1,000 Perfect Email Subscribers

How To get your first (or next) 1,000 perfect Email Subscribers (without spending years creating content or zillions of dollars).

Step #1: Creating The Perfect Lead Magnet (What To Give Away)
The different types of lead magnets and which one is best for you, How to create your lead magnet quickly and easily (no designer needed!], Access to the Lead Magnet Library from successful course alumni

Step #2: How To Create A High-Converting Landing Page

How to create the perfect landing page, Tech and getting everything “up”, Access to the Landing Page Library from successful course alumni

Step #3: How To Build Amazing Relationships With The People On Your Email List & Ongoing Content

Creating your email strategy BEFORE you even send one person to your landing page, Your “warm up” email and sequence (what emails to send out when people join your email list], Building amazing relationships with the people on your email list, Ongoing content (leading up to your VIP Launch!] 
Includes templates, scripts and more!

MODULE #3: Creating Your Perfect Offer & Recording

NOTE: We teach both ways! SELL then RECORD (and deliver) OR RECORD then SELL. Pros and cons of both (Example: Pro of pre-recording is folks get EVERYTHING at once, yay!).

Step #1: Should you pre-sell or pre-record?
A complete breakdown of both methods and which one is right for you (NOTE: There is not a wrong answer here!) 

Step #2: Creating Your Perfect Course Package
Leveling Up Your Course with bonuses, community & support, Creating bonuses to make things even faster, easier, Eliminate customer objections, Should you do a payment plan?, Crafting your guarantee

Step #3: Shooting, Editing & Creating Your Course (without going crazy)
Three ways to record your course, The fun roadmap of delivering your course, accepting payments and getting that tech stuff out of the way, A complete breakdown of the simple tech needed and even a “tech budget” 

Step #4: An Intro To Your VIP Launch Gearing Up For Your VIP Launch

The 4 ways to launch your course and which one is right for you, your business and your personality (you will choose ONE, Understanding how the VIP launch works (what it is, and what it isn’t) 

Step #5: Your Perfect Sales Page & Sales Video
Effortlessly write and create your sales page and sales video, Includes examples from successful Create Awesome Online Courses alumni

MODULE #4: Your VIP Launch Roadmap

COMPLETE walk-through step-by-step, day-by-day of EACH launch method (you will choose ONE and we will show you how to choose one that fits your situation and personality). Includes launch maps, calendars, etc. 

This includes every email, every detail and everything you need to know for each of the four launch methods (nothing is left to chance or guessing!): 

1. EOLM Email-Only Launch Method 

2. Free Video Series Launch Method 

3. 5-Day Challenge Launch Method 

4. Webinar Launch Method

MODULE #5: You’ve Launched. Yay! Now what?

Step #1: Post Launch: How to take amazing care of your customers
No sweat customer service, Managing Facebook group (and expectations), Adding in onboarding emails! 
-Delivery for those who pre-sold

Step #2: Analyzation, Odds and Ends aka Testimonials, Refunders and Bears...Oh My!
Tackling the details that make a difference, Analyzing and troubleshooting, Testimonials, Refunds, Managing questions, Testimonials, etc.

Step #3: Where do we go from here?
Next steps, Updating, Intro to scaling and ever-greening.

Includes “lifecycle of an online course” map!

MODULE #6: Advanced Sales, Marketing & Promotions

Tried, tested, and proven advanced strategies to to help you scale effectively and successfully.

1. Planning Your Next Promotion
2. The Excuse Launch
3. Let's Get Evergreen
4. Promotional Partners
5. Turning Your Course into a 24/7 Sales Machine
6. Team Building: Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA)
7. Getting Outside (and Inside!) Help
8. Updates, Finding Gaps, and Cross-Selling


($95.00 VALUE)

In this video starter guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about YouTube's features, functionalities, and rules to help you maximize your success.

($195.00 VALUE)

Discover the power of Meetup and learn how to optimize to your advantage in this bonus video training. These best practices will help you build long-lasting customers.

($245.00 VALUE)

In this recorded workshop, you'll become a master of the captivating art of live streaming to leave your audience spellbound... in real time, every time!

($95.00 VALUE)

This comprehensive bonus video guide will take you step-by-step through the ins and outs of building a highly engaged list using the most effective (and profitable) YouTube strategies.


Gain access to the video training behind game-changing and highly secretive strategy that is guaranteed to skyrocket your online presence and boost your profits beyond imagination.

($495.00 VALUE)

Learn from proven experience in this video bonus walkthrough of the proprietary method that produced 527 quality email subscribers in 34 days... and $29,490 in sales!

Become an Awesome Course Creator Today

You're not just a dreamer; you're a doer. Whether it's carving out time, pinpointing a profitable niche, crafting content that turns heads, or building audiences to create lasting customers  – we've got your back.

Special Pricing - 2024 ACCELERATOR


The Course Creator’s Ironclad Guarantee

Test drive every aspect of the program risk-free. If within 14 days you don’t feel fully equipped to create and sell your course, we’ll refund your investment—no hassle, no hard feelings. This isn't just a course—it's a commitment, to you and your potential.

David Siteman Garland DSG
Your Instructor

David Siteman Garland

In 2008, David founded The Rise to the Top featuring over 300 business and marketing experts and specialists, including Tim Ferriss, Patti Stanger, Seth Godin, and Robert Greene. The show attracted over 100,000 viewers and broadcasted to over 250,000.

With Create Awesome Online Courses, he has helped over 5,000 students from all walks of life in over 100 countries create successful courses and dream businesses... and his own my personal results of over 10 million in online course sales to date.

Got Questions?
We've Got Answers

Common questions about the course, community access, guarantee, and other inquiries.

What exactly will I learn in "Create Awesome Online Courses"?

You'll learn everything from identifying your profitable niche, creating engaging and valuable content, to efficiently managing your time so you can consistently produce courses. Our comprehensive program covers all the essentials and beyond.

Who is this course for?

This course is for entrepreneurs, educators, and content creators who want to leverage the power of online courses to share their knowledge, grow their audience, and earn revenue. It's ideal for both beginners and those looking to enhance their existing course strategies. 

How long do I have access to the course materials?

Your investment includes lifetime access to all course materials, including any future updates, so you can learn at your own pace and revisit the content whenever you need.

Can I access the course content on my mobile device?

Yes, our course platform is mobile-friendly, allowing you to learn on-the-go from any device.
By addressing these common questions, you can provide clarity, build trust, and reduce any friction that may prevent a prospective student from enrolling in your course.

Is there support available if I have questions during the course?

Absolutely! You'll gain access to an exclusive creator's community where you can ask questions, seek advice, and network with peers and experts.

What if I realize the course isn't for me?

We stand by our content with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If within 14 days you find the course isn't fitting your needs, we'll process a full refund—no questions asked.

When does the course start and finish?

The course is self-paced, which means you can start whenever you're ready and there's no deadline for completion. You set the pace that works for you.

What makes "Create Awesome Online Courses" different from other courses?

Our course is not just about theory; it's a practical, actionable system backed by the success of our students and our commitment to ongoing support via community access and coaching calls.

How can I pay for the course?

We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and Paypal. All transactions are secure and encrypted.

Is my payment information safe?

Yes, we use encrypted, secure technology to process payments, and we do not store your credit card information.

Take the leap. The risk is on us, but the reward? That's all yours.

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